Make Connections that Matter

With each referral you give, you also pass on a little bit of your own reputation. So it’s important to be sure that the person you are referring will look after your client, colleague, friend or family member as well as you would.

For this reason, at Zest Networking we follow a ‘Know, Like, Trust, Refer’ formula.

Share a Zest for Success

Zest is about creating a positive and proactive hub of small business owners/operators that are committed to growing their business through trusted referrals and sharing their knowledge and skills to help and support other members.

For our hubs to succeed, it’s important that all our members have the same level of commitment and meet the same expectations.

Zest for Success

Education and Collaboration

Education and Collaboration

We're not just about meeting up and spruiking for business!

At Zest we recognise that all our members have skills and knowledge that they can share, to educate and help other members grow both in their business and personally.

We also know that small business can sometimes feel like a lonely pursuit, especially when you are facing a challenge. We support our members through problem solving and brainstorming sessions to help them tackle challenges head-on.

Be our guest...

Join us at our next meeting. You'll come for a coffee and stay for the community!