Ringwood Venue

The Ringwood Hub meets for breakfast every second Thursday morning at 7:30am.

Mister Fox Cafe

Ringwood Golf Course
352 Canterbury Road, Ringwood

Featured Members

Glenyce Barton | iFind Finance

Glenyce Barton

I have this passion for helping people achieve their dreams, helping them understand their potential, and giving them the means to achieve it.

My goal is to partner with you to make your goals reality.

In the noisy world of online marketing, social media strategy and the World Wide Web, it can sometimes be tricky to be noticed, and be heard. I like to be different. I like to be bold. I want you to be just as bold, quirky, a little bit left of centre.

Does the thought of going to a studio for corporate photos fill you with dread?

Yep I hear you.

My aim is to make the experience as stress-free as possible for you.

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